Mod 2 Test Review

Watch and take notes on this video for Wednesday. I will do a notebook check while you guys are taking your test.
If I were taking the test, I would include the following on my notecards (at minimum):
  • Mod 1 Material
  • Polynomials: Rational Root Theorem, and an example of factoring a polynomial completely
  • Polynomials: End behavior, multiplicities of roots
  • Rationals: How to find x-intercepts, V.A.'s, H.A., y-intercept
  • Rationals: An example of graphing a rational function from scratch
  • Exponentials: Definition, graphs, different bases
  • Logarithms: Definition, graphs, different bases
  • Logarithms: Switching from exponential to logarithmic form, and back (this is ESSENTIAL!)
  • Logarithms: Log Rules, examples of expanding/contracting an expression of logs.
  • Logarithms: Change of Base formula and how to use it (this is ESSENTIAL!)
  • Exp/Log Applications: Formulas for interest, both continuously compounding and not
  • Exp/Log Applications: Examples of solving for x in an expression involving exponentials and logarithms

  • Lecture - Mod 2 Practice Test
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