Class is canceled! Roads are closed! Chaos has erupted in the streets! Loot while you can!
The view outside my apartment. Note the DVD in the snow for reference. This was at 9:00 in the morning, and it's just kept snowing. By Monday there will be another 12 inches or so on top of this. Yikes!
But seriously, STAY HOME and don't drive until at least Monday! It's not safe out there.

Update at 6:00pm:
Same view at 6:00pm. The DVD is in the same spot, and I put a 360 game out where the snow actually accumulates.
You might be able to see where I shoveled a bit this morning - it's mostly filled in by now. Hopefully no one clears off the snow on these railings so that I can get a similar shot tomorrow morning!
(No Mass Effect 3 games were harmed in the making of these photos.)

Update at 8:00pm:
I went out walking. This is not my first blizzard, but it's the first one I've bothered to document. Going away to Boston, I will miss these Flagstaff winters so I want some sort of record of them! Plus, the best spring breaks end with a big snowstorm!
Here's my car, to contrast with the next picture. Thank goodness for covered parking! It still takes about a half hour or an hour to dig out my car and the small piece of parking lot behind it.
Molly's car did not (slash is not) faring as well. I am not looking forward to digging it out!
Another view of Molly's car. I've always thought that the topography of cars being exaggerated by snow is really funny - in this case, the side mirror being stretched vertically (so it's a positive number being multiplied outside the parenthesises, right Pre-Calc students?!) is humorous to me.
I love this comparison. Snow on the ground never seems very deep since the human eye needs more than a slight gradient of white to create depth perception, so when a photo actually illustrates how deep snow is, it makes me happy. Molly was not as pleased, since tucking her pants into her boots apparently was a fruitless exercise.